Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twisted Wrist - Show 24

The Twisted Wrist Show 24 for December 23, 2006.

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Vanity Search Results
New Toys in the House

Comments from William, Cpl. Downs, and Kevin

Drastically Disappearing Ducatis
Another Shop Bites the Dust
Bikes Shows in Toronto and Calgary Coming in January
Buell Builds Its 100,000th Bike
AMA's "Fuel The Fund" Campaign
Bikers Born To Be Mild With Hearing Loss

World's Fastest Motorcycle on Speed TV
Wild Hogs to Debut March 2, 2007
Ghost Rider to Debut February 16, 2007

Toronto Motorcycle Show
Charlie Boorman, Russ Malkin and Heather Ireland
Benelli Bikes in Canada
Cycle Canada Magazine
Dakar Rally 2007
No BMWs in Rally
KTM to Dominate Motorcycle Category
Outdoor Like Network (OLN) to Broadcast in Canada
Tribute to Andy Caldecott

And the Worst Roads in the World!

Links: (Show Discussion) (Article in BMW Newsletter) (CBC Interview) (January Toronto Bike Show) (January Calgary Bike Show) (Charlie Boorman on The Hour) (Andy Caldecott)

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Length: 56:55
Size: 39.0 MB


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