Saturday, November 11, 2006

Twisted Wrist - Show 22

The Twisted Wrist Show 22 for November 11, 2006.

Race to Dakar airs Nov 15/06 at 9 pm ET on OLN in Canada

Remembering Canadian War Veterans

Special Guest Sonya Buyting

Comment from David

Port Dover A Snowout
Sportbike West Packs It In
1 YR Of Free Parking In Toronto
Manitoba To Hike Speed Limit
Coma Mounts Pedrosa's Mount
Bikes in Malaysia and Pakistan
BRAG Is Discontinued
Def Leppard and Journey Ride As One

Movies and TV Shows
Coming Events

Japanese Walking Scooter

New Motorcycle Wiki

Biker Friendly Stickers Arrived

Gary Eagan Flogs A Ducati Across Canada

The Queen Of Roadrash - 1 Yr Later

Download Show 22

Length: 44:46
Size: 31.5 MB


At 6:22 PM, Blogger jeepinbanditrider said...

I have been listening to your pod casts for about a week now catching up to your most recent one. I ride a 00' model Suzuki Bandit 1200S and my wife rides an 04' SV650.

The information and studies I have found here tells me that roads in Texas that have a higher speed limit there is a small decrease in traffic accidnets than areas where the speed limit is lower. Also not all areas in Texas have the higher speed limit. It is mostly in Western Texas on Interstate 10 and Interstate 20, where the roads are mostly flat and straight since a lot of this area, is mostly desert or arid. Area's around cities (i.e. Austin, Houston, Dallas, ect.) still have a 65-70MPH speed limit on the interstate.

Thanks for reading my comment,

CPL. Downs, JD
USMC Active


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