Sunday, October 22, 2006

Twisted Wrist - Show 21

The Twisted Wrist Show 21 for October 23, 2006.

From Mark Blevis, Dave, Derek K. Miller, Jim, Brian and Clayton.

My Interview on CBC Radio 1 - Sounds Like Canada! (mp3 link)

Ontario Speeding Fines and Photo Radar
France's Photo Radar on Bridges (
US Passport Requirement & New US ID Card
Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada Fall Meeting
2007 National Motorcycle Symposium Announcement
New Calabogie Motorsports Track
Toronto's McBride Cycle Closes After 97 Years
European Superbike Ban Proposal
OnRoute GPS Motorcycle Route Calculator


Download Show 21

Length: 48:44
Size: 33.4 MB


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