Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Twisted Wrist - Show 08

The Twisted Wrist Show 08 for February 22, 2006.

Apology for the delay due to rodential difficulties

News, News and More News:
Twisted Wrist on CDN Podcast Buffet
Globetrotter René Cormier
2005 CDN bike sales recap
BAD Ride #9 / Bad Bike Buildoff #2
Motorcycles now at NASA Rallysport
World Enduro Championships 2006
Port Dover Jan 13, 2006
Movie - World's Fastest Indian
Movie - Wild Hogs
Manowar guitarist injured
Icy plunge
Three's a crowd on a bike
GI motorcycle deaths

Roadracer Podcast

Crocker Motorcycle Co. reborn
New V-Max website
MCC Updates

Download Show 08

Length: 45:21
Size: 21.3 MB


At 1:36 AM, Blogger bcdady said...

I listened to show 8 today (see, don't feel bad about your rabbit problem, but how 'bout fencing off your electronics?). I can't find the website you mentioned about the new V-max. I'm also a V-4 rider (Honda VFR) and am intrigued. I appreciated your mention of the Crocker too. Sounds like one sweet machine! Keep up the great podcast! P.S. If you want to checkout a Seattle offering for podcast (vlog), check out http://newhopeseattle.libsyn.com/


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